Originally founded in 1997, Streamlynx Communications is a boutique full-scope media services provider based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  With more than 30 years of experience in producing digital media and advertising solutions, our core strengths are in 3 key areas.

Streamlynx currently produces 2 regular print publications.  The Corridor is a bi-monthly newsprint newsmagazine, distributed throughout north central New Mexico from the Albuquerque Sunport in the south to Springer, New Mexico in the north.  ArtEvents New Mexico & Studio Tour Guide is an annual visitor information and entertainment glossy magazine, published each Spring, that contains a comprehensive guide to all of the Artists’ Studio Tours that will take place from Spring through Fall each year, as well as important art events, destination information and other resources to make the appreciation of the arts of New Mexico thoroughly enjoyable and attainable throughout the year and across the state.  Each of these publications is supported by a fully integrated online web presence.

Our other areas of expertise include HD Digital Video Production and 4k Digital Cinematography for all media venues, from local spot advertising, web and mobile device distribution, to full-length feature production.

Our 3rd area of interest brings all of the myriad iterations of streaming media to play.  We currently offer web streaming, both on-demand and live, as well as digital media displays and interactive kiosks, to video ads on the New Mexico Railrunner and at the stations; to running your professionally produced ad on a 40 or 50 ft movie screen at the local mega-screen theater.  We also produce newest-technology web presence solutions, incorporating full-featured social media and SEO, with cross-platform promotions and e-commerce integration (including fundraising for non-profits).

Streamlynx is a small yet powerful ally for any small to mid-sized business wishing to take their message deeper and farther than a single advertising line of business would provide.  With everything from traditional print and TV advertising opportunities to the long list of streaming media and sound & motion services that we can provide, Streamlynx is a proven resource for your New Mexico business to make the most of every marketing opportunity available in our state.

Streamlynx has always been a proponent of helping the small to mid-sized client achieve maximum visibility of their message with creative, relevant content that is also scalable and affordable.  For-profit and non-profit organizations can take advantage of our flexible contract model to manage a marketing campaign, plan and execute a multi-forked media event, or simply provide a proven venue for traditional print and digital media advertising.

Streamlynx, LLC (dba Streamlynx Communications) is a New Mexico Limited Liability Company based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Our corporate office address is 7 Avenida Vista Grande #252, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87508.  Sales office (505) 438-9600.  Production (505) 913-9652.